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Preparing for
College & Careers

FREE Services!

  • Obtain Scholarships

  • Secure Internships

  • Navigate Education Choices

  • Discover Career Pathways


We help you unravel the mysteries

of education and life long learning!

  • Dual Enrollment scholarship - for public and nonpublic high schoolers. Select from 1000s of courses at 15+ campuses across Montana.  Get your AA degree or certification BEFORE you graduate from High School - free or low cost.   

  • Key scholarships: Horatio Alger and PEO  for certification, AA, BA, MA+. High school, college or retraining for a different career.

  • Volunteering is still a requirement for most scholarships and is highly encouraged as a means to prepare for careers.

Building Bridges to the Future

Our mission is to help students (high school and college)  achieve financial security and make healthy allocation of their limited resources (money, time, energy). We believe students need to plan and prepare for college/career, by setting goals, securing scholarships and internships, developing realistic plans and budgets, and assessing choices. Avoiding stress through developing time management, resource assessment, and budgeting skills promotes healthy choices. To reach our goal, Valley Oak staff provide direct services such as financial coaching, college/career education through individual personal and small group session. These services are provided Monday through Saturday, 8 am – 11 pm.


Our services are made possible through grants

— FREE to you!

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Serving the needs of our youth population since 2001


Valley Oak was created in 2001, providing education support for students in the San Francisco Bay Area and program support for the Pleasanton Unified School District. In 2007, the organization moved to Montana and in 2010 began work with opportunity youth and at risk populations in Ravalli and Missoula County. Valley Oak is a 501(c)3 non-profit program of the Bitter Root Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc. providing college and career access services to students and families throughout Montana and beyond.

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