HOSA of Montana MedStart students at the University of Montana enjoy learning about medical careers in the air and on the ground.

Students learn how visual and performing arts (film, websites,   photography) can help them get funds for college and prepare for careers.

Monthly Workshops in your area:

2019 Scholarship Workshops:

Other Resources

Featured Scholarships

  • Prudential Spirit of Community - Middle School through High School students with significant community service experience ....

  • Horatio Alger Scholarships are an excellent opportunity with added benefits for Montana students including matching scholarship.

  • PEO Scholarships for high school and college students are excellent opportunities. 

  • Gloria Baron Young Heroes -  Of the young people honored by the Barron Prize since its inception, 281 have done humanitarian service work, and 164 have done environmental service work.


Attend a workshop and begin learning how to navigate post secondary education opportunities and gain insight into valuable career pathways.

Individual Session:

Meet with an Education Coordinator to find scholarships, develop internships and identify colleges and vocational training programs.

Preparing for College/Careers requires:

  • Talking to people about your interests 

  • Keeping your eyes and ears open

  • Taking advantage of opportunities

  • Being engaged in learning

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